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We invite you to enter behind the scene of our professional Soap Bubbles Show.

This Master-Class will focus on the advanced aspects of soap bubbles Artistry. 

We will learn different sequences of soap bubble sculpturing with a little emphasis on presentation and staging. 

Building soap structures on a special light table, using tubes and fog machines, the participants gets the opportunity to align around common goals as a team and to solve problems together.

We will work in small groups of Three to Four people, and each group will get a different sequence to explore and to master. 

Later on, we will assemble all the sequences in to a small Bubble-Show performed by the participants.


Soap Bubble artistry gives your group a perfect ground for teamwork activities with challenges that can grant each individual the chance to experience his or her particular role in the group and find together the precise set of actions required on the way to a perfect soap bubble structure.  

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