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mit und von Alisa & Joseph Tal 

This talented Duo will take you to a hypnotize and mesmerizing journey through the wonders of soap bubbles artistry. 

The same childhood game fondly remembered,  is transformed in front of the audience eyes to a sophisticated and poetic form of visual arts. 

Among complex bubbles structures and hovering giant bubbles Alisa and Joseph will introduce you to a world of fragile beauty, where dreams meet light air and water to create a symphony of colors and reflections.

During the act, they will invite part of the audience to perform some of the magic.


The show can only take place indoors

Show duration:


Classic - 16-19 min.



Video -

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Video links for TV Shows 


Big Celebrity Challenge Z-TV Hyderabad -


India Got Talent  Color HD India


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Ideal for:


Corporate and privet events

Weddings birthdays and galas 

Team buildings and workshops 

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