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Urban outdoor Activity 

Urban outdoor Activity 

A defined Urban outdoor area where bubbles and much more can happen! Our Communities becomes more challenging every day and what was once a simple social contact is delayed today due to language barriers, age gaps, orientation, and cultural differences.

In the BubbleZone everyone gets his chance. Background, origin or age, are not factors when commonly creating countless bubbles of various sizes and where every participant gets the feeling of contributing to a bigger breathtaking spectacle. Our safe and eco-friendly tools and soap solution brings the experience to an “almost professional” level and so is the visual outcome. 

Our setup is designed to handle any amount of people, from a few random explorers to 50 actively engaged participants at any given time. 

BubbleZone is a living, breathing and constantly renovating art monument, a fountain of water air and little dreams created by the people themselves.


BubbleZone can take place as a solo activity at any outdoor facility or as a secondary act to any other major activity (markets, festivals, sports events etc.)  

No special arrangement is required 


 up to 1 hours. 


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